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Complete Listing of Articles, Oldest First

[001] Initial posting.
[002] Bizarre IC Failure Modes Are Often Due to Substrate Current
[003] Back into Ham Radio as NK6Y!
[004] I Modified This Vibroplex Bug For Slower CW Speeds
[005] 12 Volt Power Supply Made From Random Junk – Part 01 [Design]
[006] Hams Want Spectrum Displays! The Solution is the Panadapter. (SDRPlay RSPdx/RSP1a/RSPduo and Yaesu FTDX3000)
[007] Automatic Half-Duplex WebSDR Audio Switch for Yaesu and Similar Radios
[008] Yaesu FTDX3000 For Sale [Sold!]
[009] One Percent Resistors for One Cent?
[010] Recipe: Home Made Hawaiian Style Takuan
[011] Make Your Own Dimmable White LED Lighting Strip
[012] Receive-only Loop Antenna with Wideband Amplifier (Part 1)
[013] Reconditioning a 1973 Wavetek 3000 RF Generator
[014] A Compact High Current AA Battery Pack For Mobile or Outdoor Applications
[015] Charge & Discharge Battery Management Circuit
[016] 50 Watt LED Lamp for Accurate Color Reproduction
[017] Manufacturable 50-80W LED String DC Control Circuit
[018] 130 Watt LED Lamp with 255 CRI-95 LEDs
[019] Recipe: Macadamia Nut Fudge
[020] Recipe: Japanese Style Beef Curry
[021] Recipe: Korean Spicy Soft Tofu Seafood Soup, Sundubu JJigae
[022] A Bench Power Supply That You Can Build Out of Junk – Part 2
[023] 130 Watt Cree-Based 98-CRI Led Lamp for Artist’s Studio — Solving the Inrush Current Problem
[024] An Easy-to-Build Resonant Inverted Vee Antenna for 17 Meters

3 thoughts on “Categories and Complete Table of Contents

  1. Hello Barbara, I am Rick – KH2G and was playing around with websdr and landed on 3857 while you were in a QSO. I was surprised to hear you had noticed my callsign on the site and had mentioned it on the air. Unfortunately while I was able to listen in via the SDR site near Half Moon Bay (you were a good 59), the bands are not open here in Guam back stateside. 73 from an ex-Californian.

  2. Thanks for the qso tonight. I’ve been practicing cw for most of the pandemic and just started to get enough confidence to try on the air. You were great but the band was not. It was fading in and out tremendously even after you turned up your power. (It likely had more to do with the noise floor at my qth.). Thanks for your patience and here’s to next time. 73, john/ai7x

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