Yaesu FTDX3000 For Sale [Sold!]

For sale is my Yaesu FTDX3000, in excellent condition, used lightly for 4 months for $1199. The unit includes the optional XF-127CN 300 Hz CW filter, which is already installed in the unit. Also included: 12V power cable, MH31B8 microphone, manual, and remote control. This transceiver requires an external 12V power supply, which is not included. I operated it using an MFJ-4035MV power supply, but I need that supply for use elsewhere, and you probably want to pick out the right power supply for you. I loved this transceiver, especially the incredible Yaesu DNR system, and I’m sure you will enjoy it too. It has no significant dings, dents, scratches or other damage. I can pack this in mostly-original Yaesu boxes (I will have to add stiffeners and cut some new styrofoam) and ship it for $75 anywhere in the continental USA, or you can pick it up locally by appointment in Scotts Valley, CA. I can also ship to Canada — ask me for the rates. I can accept payment by Paypal, cash, check (10 day delay), USPS money order, or cryptocurrency. Sale is final, no returns (due to scammers, sorry). I’m willing to hold the unit for up to a week for a non-refundable deposit – ask me for details if you need extra time. Feel free to contact me with any questions. I’ve upgraded to the FTDX-5000 now, and am enjoying it too. [PS: the unit has NOT received a firmware update — it is exactly as-delivered from HRO.]


2 thoughts on “Yaesu FTDX3000 For Sale [Sold!]

  1. Hi Barbara-I wanted to let you know what a pleasure it was for me to have a brief QSO with you and Doug and Dale on 75 m last night. I just had to break in because Dale was describing a commercial version of an antenna I home-brewed several years ago using the DX Engineering 300-Ohm ladder line.
    I say it was a pleasure because it seems that so many times, hams in ragchewing roundtables are somewhat insular, and seem to resent an unfamiliar voice joining in.
    I find your career path interesting, because I also have a technical background. This includes a stint as a QC tech for a company that built hard drives here in Oregon. This goes back to 1980, so I may have encountered some of your designs in my duties as a troubleshooter for drives that were unable to pass final test.
    I hope that I hear you and the other guys on the air soon and I will definitely take some time to chat with you all.
    Don KG7BP

  2. Hi Barbara, I run a 280′ square loop, fed in the corner, 55′ of 450 ohm line to a BalunDesigns 4:1 and operate 80~6M (40′ high. Great all around performer. Anyway, a friend of mine (W6GGI) told me about you. It’d be fun to chat. I am on or near 7217 frequently, week days 5PM-6:30PM, and 40M on weekends. Anyway, maybe one day – 73! Russ

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