Initial posting.

Here’s a first posting.  Pardon me while I become accustomed to this blogging thing.

So, what’s my intent?  This will be a place for me to talk to the world.  In particular, there will be (1) demonstrations of technical tinkering, (2) opinionated postings related to almost anything, and (3) photos which bear looking at.  I would like your comments, please.

Below: my bird Zippy. He is a Solomon Island Eclectus. The Eclectus is unusual in that the males and females are so differently colored; Zippy is a male, but females of his species are bright red with purple, and black beaks. Until the late 1800’s, naturalists who studied them in the wild classified the males and females as two separate species!  No other parrot species has such extreme sexual dimorphism. In fact, most parrot owners have to have their bird undergo a DNA test to verify their sex, because the males and females are identical in most respects.

Zippy 2020-11-04 100600